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Through, precise and effective online safety training. Designed by trainers with 15+ years of onsite training experience.

  • Online Training: Take the training at any time or anywhere
  • Instant Access: After purchasing, have immediate access to the online course
  • Wallet Cards & Certificates: Upon completion, trainees will receive a certificate and wallet card.
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Falling Objects Online Training Course

For 15 years, we have provided online falling objects certifications for employees, managers, safety admintrators, and employers. Online training a fast, effective, and complication-free method of offering falling objects training, to get your employees on their feet as soon as possible.

Some online courses prome certification but give less than half an hour of information and training. It?s not enough to keep your employees safe. Those shortened courses frequently fail to satisfy inspections and audits. Our thorough training system interactive and engaging. These teaching techniques trainees remember the concepts and transfer them to the worksite. Employees are safer from accidents, and employers avoid costly fines. The falling objects course lasts just over an hour from beginning to end, and trainees get a certificate instantly upon completion.

As an investment, safety training offers solid financial and ethical returns. Because employers and individuals from all over the world know th, they turn to the Hard Hat Training Series to meet their occupational training needs. We keep our original training programs up-to-date, include modern teaching techniques, and hone the information to ensure that you receive the valuable experience you are looking for.

Our primary objective keeping employees safe. We also aim to save everyone money by ing them avoid insurance claims. To do this, we offer robust training in skills and safety that does more than sit in short-term memory. Training has to make it all the way through the workday.

Our online courses allow employers to avoid hiring expensive trainers. Our curriculum provides a professional, interactive training experience while still keeping costs low. (See our group pricing tiers below).

If you have a group of students training at the same time, we include a user-friendly learning management system so you can access all records, certificates, observation guides, etc.?It?s a matter of a few minutes to create a corporate account. Just call us.

Our falling objects program materials are equally as valuable for training new hires, refreshing more seasoned workers, or remotely training for either of those purposes. Work on any schedule and from any location through the internet.

We pepper the course with quiz questions and special notices to prepare trainees for the final exam and certification on their first attempt.

Broadcast rights for th, and any of our courses, may be available to employers who wh to host the training on their own servers. Please contact us for more information about th possibility.

Is the Training Accepted by Canada?

At Safety Provions, we write all of our Canadian courses in accordance with the Canada Labour Code. Because occupational safety standards can vary significantly by province, however, our courses do not always accommodate provincial standards.

Our training materials have been used by hundreds of companies to certify thousands of employees. If you have any questions about training and certifying employees in Canada, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.

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How to Purchase a Online Course


For Businesses

How to Purchase a Online Course

Save Big By Buying Course Seats (Credits) In Bulk!

When you purchase (credits) you are essentially buying seats in a virtual classroom. You may assign any employee(s) to any class(es) at any time until those (seats) have all been assigned.

Whether you are looking to save on a few guys or your whole crew, we make it affordable for everyone to get safety training. These discounts are available on all of our online trainings! Look below to see the breakdown of what you can save when you buy your course seats (credits) in bulk with Safety Provisions.

25+ seats 10% off
50+ seats 20% off
100+ seats 40% off
250+ seats 55% off
500+ seats 65% off
1000+ seats 75% off

First time training with us, and have fewer than 25 guys to train? No problem, give us a call and we can get you set up with introductory pricing.

Note: You must call to be approved for the bulk discounts above. 1-888-438-8477

Get Your Custom Branch Today!

Managers: Take complete control of your safety training by requesting your custom branch now! We will respond within one business day. Need it now? Call us at 1-888-438-8477 for immediate assistance. We are open o Monday through Friday, 8 AM (CST) to 8 PM (CST).

Ex: John Doe (Branch Manager): Excavator, Skid Steer; Jane Doe: Confined Space, Aerial Lift/MEWP
Autofill may conflict with our security settings which will result in your request not going through.
If you do not see a success message upon sending your request please call us at: 1-888-438-8477.

Group Training

Wanting to train a group of employees with just one online training? It’s easy to do!

  1. You let us know the names of the employees that need training.
  2. We set everything up and send you the group login and an invoice.
  3. We also send you the exam, answer key and a practical exam guide.
  4. You log them in and start the training, then administer the exam.
  5. Once done, let us know. We send the certificate and wallet card.

Fill out the form below and we will get it set up for you.


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Online Training Benefits


Our online training option is known for being extremely convenient and allowing a business to manage and track employee training and certification completion. You will have the ability to print proof of training dates, training times and duration?, exam scores and certificates. Listed below are some of the benefits that our customers enjoy.


24/7 Online Access

For your convenience, your courses can be accessed at any time any place.

Mobile Friendly

Our courses are mobile friendly. Trainees can take the course in the field on thier mobile devices.

No Expiration Date

Train at your own pace with a course that be taken over a few weeks and doesn't expire.

Downloadable Reports

Want a copy of your trainees progrees? We offer downloadable progress reports.

Downloadable Certificates

Download a copy of the training certificate for your records.

Wallet Cards

Keep a copy of your certification at all times, with a wallet card.

Group Trainings

Assign each employee to train individually or have them train as a group at the same time.

Employee’s Certificates

Have access to and keep a downloaded copy of your employees certificates.

Regulation Compliant

Our courses are regulation compliant and safety training will keep your workers safe.


Learning Objectives

Our online safety training course provides a convient, thorough, and effective way to learn how to work safely. Those who take this course will gain the strong knowledge of the following:

  • Pertinent reguations & standards
  • Best safety pratices & common hazards
  • Specific safety training pertaining to the subject

For more information about what is in the course, view the course outline. Upon request, we will provide the interested parties with a course demo.

What Sets Safety Provisions Above the Rest




Each trainee who takes this course will join an elite section of today’s workforce who took the course prior to them and even more who will take it after them all now collectively making huge strides to ensure that every workplace or work site is as safe as possible.



Trainees will understand the key hazards that accompany this particular type of work and be quizzed often throughout the training to understand the best practices to minimize or avoid those hazards entirely.



Our courses are built to allow you to create a safety culture within your company that puts safety first and foremost no matter what. Safety first training benefits you, your employees and the customers.



Earn valuable credentials to add to your resume when seeking employment for the first time or when looking to make a change.



Feel assured that your employees are receiving the best training around-with certified training certificated. Always be prepared of an audit or inspection.



We have an amazing team working relentlessly to ensure that our courses meet current standards and are the most thorough on the market.