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Safety Provisions offers top-of-the-line OSHA-compliant safety training

We Offer OSHA Compliant Training

Osha Compliant Safety Training

OSHA’s primary responsibility is to protect the safety of workers. The laws and regulations they enact are the greatest way to ensure safety but can be difficult to teach. When giving OSHA-compliant training, many employers find themselves facing a harsh budget, little time, or simply unable to find the right program to get the training done.

At Safety Provisions, our courses are OSHA-approved. That means we work hand-in-hand with OSHA to make sure we provide thorough and effective training that doesn’t break your budget!

Each training program we offer is filled with valuable information from OSHA that, when understood, has the ability to create a safe and healthful work environment, so that you can have confidence in the safety of your employees.


On-site Training

Our professional trainers have over 15 years of safety training experience and have been sent all over the world, helping hundreds of companies become safe places to work. We send our trainers to your location, wherever you may be. Our presentations include either a half-day or full-day of personalized training.

Each course can be completed on an individual basis in only a few hours! Their accessibility makes them a highlight of our services, and an asset to employers who are looking to provide quality safety training for their employees.

Our Other Courses

Online training is an excellent way of providing training to employees that is fast, easily accessible, and of good quality. But perhaps you’d like to make training a more memorable experience. Hard Hat provides a number of ways to receive training that is engaging, helpful and a good way of showing your employees that they’re worth the time. Some of these programs include:

  • On-site training
  • DIY training kits
  • Train the trainer certification

Our Trainings

Along with online trainings, we offer these training options

Online Training


We pride ourselves on providing affordable, yet high-quality online training programs. Pick from a large variety of courses covering topics such as construction, maritime, oil and gas, or general industry. Our courses may address broad subjects applicable anywhere, such as active shooter safety, CPR training, or mental health awareness. We also offer courses on more specific matters such as boom lift safety or hazwoper training.

DIY Kits


There are times when calling in a personal trainer may not feel necessary. In this case, we offer DIY kits that contain the same great material used by our trainers. DIY kits provide you with everything you need to give an effective training presentation on your own. It eliminates the hassle of creating your own content as well as the fear of missing important details in your training.

Trainer Certification


Perhaps you don’t feel entirely comfortable conducting your own safety training, but you’d like to start. We also offer trainer certification programs that allow you to become a certified safety trainer. Our online train-the-trainer courses generally range from two to three hours in length and enable you to receive a certificate upon completion. From there, you’ll feel confident in your area of work. You’ll be OSHA-approved, and ready to start training!

OSHA Complaint Training

Why You need OSHA Complaint training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an organization dedicated to protecting the safety of employees. Before OSHA was organized, safety was a low priority in the workplace. Oftentimes, it was less expensive for employers to replace dead or injured employees than it was to provide them with proper equipment or safety training. This led to many careless practices and many hurt employees. However, this way of thinking began to shift in 1971 when Richard Nixon passed a bill allowing the government to set and enforce safety laws. With this act, OSHA was formed.

The Need for Safety Training

Every work environment is filled with hazards! Whether it be dangerous machinery or simply the physical strain that comes from sitting hunched over a desk all day, there are always hazards that employees should be aware of.

Sadly enough, safety often takes a back seat during the onboarding process and is rarely discussed in the work environment after employment. This means workplace hazards have become a serious threat across the world. Every day, we receive reports involving broken bones, deep cuts, loss of hearing, or death! Workplace incidents account for over 5,000 deaths per year and tens of thousands of injuries.

We here at Hard Hat believe that the best way to decrease these mortality rates is by providing employees with safety training that is thorough, memorable, engaging, and entertaining! It’s our mission to leave a strong impression on your employees, and make safety a regular part of your workplace’s culture.