Meet Safety Provision’s Brands

Hard Hat Training Series, AG Safety Training, and Med Safety

Your one stop shop for everything safety training: construction, agriculture, and medical.

Meet the Brands

AG Safety Training, Hard Hat Training Series, Med Safety


Hard Hat Training

If you’re looking for construction industry safety training that will prepare you for potentially hazardous scenarios, you’ve come to the right place. With our thoroughly researched safety information, you can be assured that you are staying up to date with the most recent OSHA regulations.

You will feel confident in your ability to avoid injury and property damage without wasting time on unnecessary or overly complicated information. Trust that you are receiving the proper training and certificates to avoid costly violations and fines. The best part is that construction safety training won’t feel like a chore, but an engaging learning experience.

AG Safety Training

AG Safety Training is a training series committed to developing exceptional agriculture safety courses. We provide online courses that make training your staff an enjoyable learning experience. Our courses prepare you for the many daily hazards the agricultural industry faces, such as tractor safety and first aid.

The main advantage of our safety training is the increased capability of your staff to handle any dangerous situation that may arise. Being ready for these situations will help you prevent workplace accidents and expensive equipment or property damage. We are dedicated to making sure that you are prepared to handle any risks you may come across.


Med Safety Training

We know that medical safety training can mean the difference between life and death. Those in the medical field perform lifesaving produces every day, so the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the integrity of their safety trainings. At Med Safety Training, we offer courses that will prepare you or your staff for any safety concerns in healthcare environments.

We pride ourselves on staying current with the newest research, industry standards, and safety information. After completing the Safety Provisions trainings, you’ll feel confident in your abilities to do your work successfully and be safe. The proper safety training should never be a burden, not when so much is at stake.