How to Get a New OSHA Card

or Replace a Lost or Damaged OSHA Card

OSHA cards benefit everyone in the workplace, but can be tricky to get and replace. OSHA cards are not required by all states and workplaces. The OSHA Outreach Program provides trainers that can certify employees. Safety Provisions training provides OSHA compliant wallet card certifications.

What is an OSHA Card

And Why are they helpful?

An OSHA Card is simply a small wallet-sized card that signifies that you have completed one of OSHA’s 10-hour and 30-hour safety training courses from their Outreach Training Program. These cards are issued to you by an OSHA-authorized trainer upon completing one of the programs based on the type of industry you work in.

OSHA offers 10 and 30-hour training cards in construction, maritime, and general industry. In addition to these training cards, they offer 7.5 or 15-hour cards for disaster site workers. Here are some general questions and answers concerning OSHA cards to consider:


Are OSHA Cards required?

Which States require OSHA cards

Not all states and or workplaces require them, but some do. It changes from organization to organization, but they are required in the following states:

Despite not being required, safety training certification is highly beneficial because of how it increases safety awareness in employees. Consider the vast variety of training certifications offered through Safety Provisions even if your workplace does not require safety certification.

What are the benefits of getting an OSHA Card?

Pros & Cons of an OSHA Card

The highest rates of injuries and illnesses in the workplace happen among younger workers who lack the experience and training needed for their workplace conditions. However, “better safety training for these young workers might help overcome inexperience, improve attitudes toward risk, and lead to safer work habits later in life” (CDC). Getting an OSHA card will demonstrate to your co-workers and employer your competence in safety operations. The card shows that you have learned safety practices specific to your work environment.

It also saves your company money by decreasing the possibility of accidents in the workplace and/or the cost of mandating safety training for employees in the event of one. Costs incurred by injuries in the workplace will be at least $42,000, but in the case of a fatality, they can be as high as $1,220,000 (NSC). Such costs included in these figures are wage losses, medical expenses, employer costs, and more. Getting an OSHA card shows you have received the proper safety training to prevent such incidents. This way, the company you work for can feel secure that they are less likely to incur heavy costs or fines.

The card shows that you have learned safety practices specific to your work environment. It also saves your company money by decreasing the possibility of accidents in the workplace and/or the cost of mandating safety training for employees in the event of one.

Should I get a 10-hour or a 30-hour OSHA card?

The 10-hour OSHA card is primarily intended for entry-level employees, whereas the 30-hour OSHA card is recommended for supervisors and employees that may have safety responsibilities in the workplace. Choosing which card to get will depend on what type of workplace you work in and what role you will be playing within the workplace.

If you have responsibilities or duties that put you in a position to oversee the safety of other employees, you may want to consider getting a 30-hour card instead of just a 10-hour OSHA card.

How to Get an OSHA Card


Getting an OSHA card is as simple and easy as visiting the OSHA website. Getting an OSHA equivalent with Safety Provisions is just as easy. If working through the OSHA Outreach Training Program, you will need to contact a trainer who will then work with you in these steps. You will then need to do the following:

  • Enroll in a training course and complete the training either online or in-person
  • Pass a written examination
  • Pass a practical examination
  • Download the certification and wait for the card to arrive by mail

Working Through the OSHA Outreach Training Program

OSHA outreach training program

The OSHA outreach training program works to promote workplace safety and health. Its courses seek to make employees and employers more aware of workplace hazards and their rights according to OSHA and federal law. The program uses a national network of trainers that conduct these training courses. Their schedules and availability will vary, so when choosing one from the Outreach Training program, be sure to find one that suits your needs.

The training from this program is intended to be hands-on and will give employees experience relevant to hazards within their industry. The training from the courses will prepare them for their individual and collective responsibilities.


The Process of Receiving a Safety Provisions Equivalent Card

The process for receiving a Safety Provisions Equivalent Card is essentially the same as one received through the OSHA Outreach Training Program. We have the option of the train-the-trainer process that allows for more hands-on learning and evaluation. Within this process, there is a practical exam as well as the course material intended to prove your competency in the associated certification topic.

Unlike the process used by the OSHA Outreach Training Program, we provide the course materials and the trainer to educate you and certify you. Either your employer or a trainer will conduct the criteria in the practical exam depending on the company.

Benefits of a Safety Provisions Equivalent Card


A major advantage to Safety Provisions equivalent cards is that their courses are continually updated to reflect the most recent changes in safety standards. That way, you will be able to receive the most relevant learning for the safety training you are interested in receiving.

The process of learning and applying what you learn is delivered in an all-in-one package to make it easier to receive the training you need as well. We also have available the train-the-trainer process, which is unique to us and highly effective for safety training purposes.

How to Replace an Equivalent Card

OSHA Certificate

After completing the online course you will receive the certificate which you can then download and print out yourself. If you lose it or need it replaced, simply print yours out again and you are good to go. If you would like a special laminated version of your certificate, we offer some hard copy and professional options on our product page.