Power Buggy Training Kit – Spanish & English


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  • Offline Training: Downloadable PPT for offline training
  • Unlimited Use: Your program (and all course materials) can be used again and again for no extra cost
  • Complete Customizability: Total freedom to edit information for your specific industry or job site.
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Power Buggy DIY Training Kit

Are you in need of an affordable and user-friendly way to provide Power Buggy training for your employees and clientele? Our Power Buggy course comes with easy-to-use and understandable instructions along with any tools you may need in order to train and certify your employees. All of the materials available in Power Buggy Training Kit can be used to conduct the training, give the exam, and then issue the certificates immediately to all your employees who passed.

This training program has been curated to fit your needs. Our team has done all the necessary research and designed it specifically so that you don’t have to! This detailed training kit is easy to use and therefore makes it effortless to train your workforce as many times as you need. You can review a sample Power Buggy training kit at this link.

Still not satisfied? We also provide an online Power Buggy training course. Along with that, we offer corporate broadcast licenses, which will enable you to make the training materials available on your network. This will allow your branches throughout the country to access the same training materials!

What Comes with the Kit?

The Power Buggy Training Kit contains many of the materials you are going to need to train your employees. In terms of educational materials, you will receive a completely customizable PowerPoint presentation used for the training presentation and a reference manual to hand out to your employees for their reference and note-taking. For continued reinforcement, you will also receive five Toolbox Training that you can use to offer brief refreshers during pre-shift safety meetings.

For evaluations, you will receive a customizable written exam and answer key in several formats to suit your employees’ test-taking needs. You will also find practical evaluation forms that itemize specific actions employees must be observed performing in order to ensure their practical competency in the subject.

In terms of certificates, the kit will contain a certificate of completion template that you can customize and print out for each employee who completes their training. It will also contain a printable wallet card template for those specific worksites and industries that require employees to keep these on hand.

For your personal reference, the kit comes with a printable compilation of all the OSHA regulations that pertain to Power Buggy training. In addition, it has a selection of investigated accident profiles and news clips that you can use in later pre-shift safety meetings. You will also find a number of printable 12-inch by 18-inch safety posters that can be posted throughout the workplace to remind employees of the safety principles they’ve learned.

Finally, for record-keeping purposes, you will receive refresher training forms to keep track of when employees need to get recertified. These tools along with many more can be found in the Power Buggy Training Kit and are made readily available for your use and convenience!

Is this Training Accepted by OSHA?

In the event of an accident, inspectors will want to see proof of thorough, regular safety training in the workplace. Safety Provisions courses are both thorough and OSHA Aligned. Our training courses are made to fulfill all of your safety training needs. The courses include all of the necessary evaluations for employers to administer to their employees to ensure their competency.

The training programs produced by Safety Provisions teach employees the safety regulations that relate to their industry. OSHA standards are referenced in the course to illustrate the clear legal requirements for workplace safety in addition to the regulations all employees must follow. While Safety Provisions is not run by OSHA, it is not necessary to receive training directly from OSHA. Our courses are built to federal safety regulations to help you certify your employees.

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Kit Training Benefits


The training kit is a great option for those who want a trusted and experienced employee or owner to go through the training in person and know how it went. This way should a single individual, small group, or the entire group struggle with one specific topic the training instructor is immediately aware and can easily adjust the training timeline and discussion to go into more detail on that point before training certification is awarded.


Easy to Use

Video tutorials walk the user through the training process step by step so you can rest assured that you are conducting the training correctly.

Quiz questions

Throughout the course, quiz questions are given to prepare you for the final exam and pass it the first time.

Practical evaluation

A easy to follow and use practical evaluation is included in a ready to print format.

Re-usable Material

Re-use the training materials in this kit to train as many people as you like. When it’s time to recertify, you can use training again if the standards have not changed.


To your kit, add to any additional sections you'd like your employees to focus on.

Printalbe Exam

With the training, comes a printable exam and printable exam key. So you have give the training at any time and any place.


Learning Objectives

Our DIY training kits provides a convient, thorough, and effective way to learn how to work safely. Those who take this course will gain the strong knowledge of the following:

  • Pertinent reguations & standards
  • Best safety pratices & common hazards
  • Specific safety training pertaining to the subject
  • Preinspection check list

For more information about what is in the course, view the course outline. Upon request, we will provide the interested parties with a course demo.

What Sets Safety Provisions Above the Rest




Each trainee who takes this course will join an elite section of today’s workforce who took the course prior to them and even more who will take it after them all now collectively making huge strides to ensure that every workplace or work site is as safe as possible.



Trainees will understand the key hazards that accompany this particular type of work and be quizzed often throughout the training to understand the best practices to minimize or avoid those hazards entirely.



Our courses are built to allow you to create a safety culture within your company that puts safety first and foremost no matter what. Safety first training benefits you, your employees and the customers.



Earn valuable credentials to add to your resume when seeking employment for the first time or when looking to make a change.



Feel assured that your employees are receiving the best training around-with certified training certificated. Always be prepared of an audit or inspection.



We have an amazing team working relentlessly to ensure that our courses meet current standards and are the most thorough on the market.