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December 16, 2022

Safety in the Workplace

The year before OSHA was established, approximately 14,000 workers were killed annually due to work-related incidents. The OSH Act was implemented due to these rising mortality rates. The goal was to raise awareness and to put safety at the forefront of employee and employer minds. Since OSHA’s establishment, work-related incidents and fatalities have decreased by 60%. OSHA’s goal is to “…ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance” (OSHA).

Safety Provisions: About Us

Here at Safety Provisions, our content development team and quality assurance team work hard everyday to provide employers and their employees with affordable, effective, and engaging safety training courses. 

Our vision statement is to help companies minimize work-related incidents and fatalities through consistent in-depth training, and the establishment of an engaging safety culture. We strive to help companies develop a safe and healthy work environment. 

Training Programs We Offer

Safety Provisions has four kinds of unique training materials that employers are able to utilize to get the best safety training for their employees. These four training formats are:

  1. Online safety training courses
  2. Training kits
  3. Onsite training
  4. Train the Trainer

Each of our training programs is made for a specific audience and has major advantages. We will go into more detail in the next couple of sections. 

Online Courses

Our online courses present many opportunities and advantages for you and your employees. With our courses, safety training will be quick, efficient, and entertaining. You can buy the course, complete your training, and get certified all in one day.

Our online courses present many opportunities for everyone. Employees are able to track their own progress and stop and start at their own pace. This can be helpful with time management for employees with busy schedules. Employers are also given access to track how far along their employees are, which can help them keep track of who has or has not completed their safety training.

Another advantage you receive with our online courses is the ability to administer or take the exam as soon as the course is completed. This means employees can take the exam while the information is still fresh in their minds. Overall, our online courses are fast, effective, and simple.

Training Kits

Our training kits come with many different educational materials that provide trainers and learning employees with everything they need for their safety training. Every tool we have available falls under one of three phases in the training process: education, evaluation, and certification. 

For the educational portion of the training process, we have materials that can be utilized before, during, and after the course is taken. The tools we provide you with are:

  • A complete PowerPoint presentation containing all necessary safety information
  • A reference manual that highlights the safety topics and can be used to review the training
  • Five “Toolbox Talks” that can be used for refresher training

The tools we have available for the evaluation part of the training process include items such as: 

  • Written exams to test the employees on all essential safety points
  • Answer keys for employers to use when processing the exams
  • Practical evaluation forms that cover all the needed information specific to the training topic

In terms of certificates, our training kit contains:

  • A certificate of completion template that can be customized to fit employee needs
  • A printable wallet card template for any employees who need to carry the certificate with them

In addition to training and testing materials, the kits also come with extra documents such as written OSHA regulations, a list of accident profiles, news clips, and safety posters that reinforce the safety principles associated with the specific training topic.

Onsite Training

For our in-person training format, we send designated trainers who can travel to specific worksites and deliver safety training to the employees there. The biggest advantage of our on-site training is that our trainers can train employees using the equipment their company uses located on site. An in-person training session can be scheduled upon request. Visit our website to receive a free quote!

Train the Trainer

Our “Train the Trainer” safety training program is unique to our company. This program is a way to certify the trainer so that they can competently train employees. It assists employers by helping them develop teaching skills that they can use to better convey all the necessary information to the learning employees. 

This format comes with a copy of the kit that the trainer can use to better teach safety principles and procedures to their employees. 

What Our Online Courses Do For Employees

Everyone is different and therefore learns in different ways and at different paces. The most effective way to keep safety at the forefront of all employees’ minds is to help them learn it in a way they can understand it.

This is why our online courses provide employees with the ability to learn at their own pace and on their own time. Our courses also provide space for employees to improve their safety knowledge through the tools we provide. These courses are highly flexible and have no time constraints. 

Another thing that deserves to be mentioned is that we can provide many different variants of, and unique perks with our online courses to work well for employees who may require learning accommodations. For example, all of our courses are available in Spanish as well as in English for employees who need the training in a language they are more familiar with. Another example would be that our online courses are fully-narrated. This tool is helpful for employees who may have vision impairments. 

How Our Training Helps Employers

Not only do our safety training courses benefit learning employees, but they are also helpful aids for employers. Employers are the ones responsible for providing training for their employees. Luckily for them, we have courses available for any work industry. Our library of safety training consists of over 200 different safety topics. This gives employers easy access to multiple different trainings in their industry all in one place.

How Our Courses Benefit Businesses

When it comes to the benefit for companies and businesses, our safety training courses are gold for many reasons. The first reason is that our courses, no matter what format, are cost-effective, especially for large businesses with a high number of employees. We can offer companies up to 75% off the original price of our online programs depending on how many employees they have. 

Companies also benefit from our online programs because they are all uniform. Our online courses keep up with OSHA standards and provide all of the necessary information for everyone who uses it. This makes it easier for companies that have employees all over the country, working in different locations and in different time zones. All the employees will learn the information and it won’t be dependent upon the teaching skills of a supervisor. 

Got an Emergency?

If there has been an incident at your workplace, quickly report the incident to your supervisor. If an employee was injured, dial 9-1-1 and request immediate medical assistance. 

If an incident or injury has taken place at a worksite, it is important for employees to receive refresher training while the memories of the incident are still fresh in their minds. This will help to solidify their safety knowledge and motivate them to follow all the safety procedures and precautions that are provided for them. 

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